Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Nose reshaping and contouring is commonly described as having “a nose job”.

The medical term to describe plastic surgery on the nose is Rhinoplasty. A natural looking nose that complements your facial features can be achieved surgically or non-surgically.

Surgery involves an invasive procedure; the approach or technique used is determined by individual needs, anatomy, injury or revision from previous surgery. Approach can be described as either an open or closed Rhinoplasty, which is based on a consultation with your consultant.

Having Rhinoplasty surgery can change the overall appearance of the face. To enable patients to make an informed decision on having nose surgery Mr. Golchin performs 3 dimensional (3D) photography of the full face prior to any treatment. This enables patients to realistically see visually what the final result will look like following treatment.

Mr. Golchin also performs a non-surgical approach for nose contouring achieved with fillers. This approach is a good option for an individual who needs minimal contouring but provides a non-permanent pre-surgical visual for patients if surgery were to be opted for at a later date. “

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Nose reshaping and contouring is commonly described as having “a nose job”.

And the medical term for an operation to change the size or shape of the nose is “Rhinoplasty”. You may be considering plastic surgery on the nose for either cosmetic or medical reasons; changing the shape of the nose to complement your facial features, or correcting a medical issue, such as breathing problems or an injury.

Our rhinoplasty procedures can achieve your ideal, natural-looking nose either surgically or non-surgically.

A surgical procedure is a permanent alteration of the nose, or the non-surgical option is temporary. Giving you a kind of ‘preview’ of how a new nose would look before you opt for the permanent transition.


How does rhinoplasty work?

Before you go ahead with your rhinoplasty procedure we want you to feel confident of the outcome.

Mr. Golchin’s approach is to perform 3 dimensional (3D) photography of the full face prior to any treatment, allowing you to see a realistic visual of the final result. Any procedure that can change the overall appearance of the face is a huge decision and Mr Golchin takes the time to talk through exactly how you can achieve your ideal nose in an extensive consultation.

Permanent nose reshaping is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and involves an invasive procedure.

For this type of nose job there are two options: an ‘open rhinoplasty’, where the plastic surgeon makes a cut across the skin between the nostrils, or a ‘closed rhinoplasty’ where incisions are made inside the nostrils. A closed rhinoplasty leaves no visible scars and causes less swelling, however it may or may not be an option for you. Mr Golchin will determine the best approach or technique during your consultation, based on factors such as your individual anatomy, any previous surgery you may have had (revision rhinoplasty) or the medical issue or injury you would like to correct.

The ways your plastic surgeon can change the structure of the nose are:

  • make your nose smaller (nose reduction)
  • make your nose larger (nose augmentation)
  • change the shape of your nose (including the nostrils)
  • change the angle between the nose and top lip

How long does a rhinoplasty last?

With an invasive nose surgery the results are permanent, however Mr. Golchin also provides the temporary option of a non-surgical approach for nose contouring achieved with fillers. This approach is good for you if you need minimal contouring and it is useful as a non-permanent visual, giving you the chance to decide of you would like to opt for permanent surgery at a later date.


The procedure itself can take 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity, and you’ll probably need to stay at the clinic for 1 or 2 nights.

Having a rhinoplasty procedure is the same as undergoing major surgery, so make sure you book enough time off work to recover fully!

You may need around two weeks, depending on how long it takes for the bruising and swelling to go down. Swelling will occur around the nose, cheeks and eyes and it should start to fade around two weeks. But do not worry if it continues for up to three weeks. Propping your head up on a pillow for a few days after helps reduce swelling faster.

However, it is not uncommon that some patients experience a degree of mild swelling for up to six months following their surgery, and it can take this long for you to see the full effects of your rhinoplasty procedure.

Bruising is a common side effect of a nose job and it normally occurs around the eye area. How long the bruising lasts varies from patient to patient. But be prepared for the bruising to get very dark. Do not be alarmed!

You will also experience pain after your rhinoplasty. To minimise your discomfort we will prescribe you suitable painkillers here at the clinic and you should be able to purchase more over the counter at your local pharmacy should you need them.

You’ll have a dressing on your nose for the first 12 hours after the operation, and you will have a splint to keep everything in place while the nose heals. We will make an appointment with you to come and have the splint taken off after around 7 days.

While the splint is on it is best not to put any pressure on the nose, so avoid places that make you sneeze as much as you can! Also avoid baths and getting the splint wet.

It is totally normal if you are unable to breathe through your nose for about a week after the procedure.

We also advise that you avoid contact or strenuous sports for around four to six weeks.

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