Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Nose reshaping and contouring is commonly described as having “a nose job”.

The medical term to describe plastic surgery on the nose is Rhinoplasty. A natural looking nose that complements your facial features can be achieved surgically or non-surgically.

Surgery involves an invasive procedure; the approach or technique used is determined by individual needs, anatomy, injury or revision from previous surgery. Approach can be described as either an open or closed Rhinoplasty, which is based on a consultation with your consultant.

Having Rhinoplasty surgery can change the overall appearance of the face. To enable patients to make an informed decision on having nose surgery Mr. Golchin performs 3 dimensional (3D) photography of the full face prior to any treatment. This enables patients to realistically see visually what the final result will look like following treatment.

Mr. Golchin also performs a non-surgical approach for nose contouring achieved with fillers. This approach is a good option for an individual who needs minimal contouring but provides a non-permanent pre-surgical visual for patients if surgery were to be opted for at a later date. “