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About beacon face and dermatology


Mr Kambiz Golchin, founded Beacon Face & Dermatology in 2006 and has seen the clinic grow from strength to strength over the years. From day one an empphasis was placed on leading the way in the latest technology. For Beacon Face & Dermatology, it’s not only paramount that we stay up to date with current cosmetic trends, but we like to be ahead of the industry when it comes to proving the most innovative services & products. Year after year, we have consistently been the first in the Irish market to supply our customers with leading treatments such as Pelleve & Ultherapy and noticed a rhythmic pattern with other clinics being quick to offer the same services, this doesn’t bother us though, as they saying goes; ‘imitation is the biggest form of flattery’ In 2018 we became the 1st clinic in Ireland to introduce EMSCULPT to our patients. As a facial plastic surgeon Mr Golchin is in theatre in the hospital on a weekly basis with patients whom he would have consulted with here at the clinic prior to surgery. When he’s not in consultations, the clinic has one day dedicated to his ENT patients and the rest of the week is cosmetic surgical & non-surgical consults with Mr Kambiz Golchin, Dr Orla Grimes, Dr Clodagh O’Shea and our three clinical therapists; Ali, Ciara and Elaine.


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