CO2 Laser

Resurfacing is a brilliant way of rejuvenating and tightening skin when used appropriately.

Laser Skin Resurfacing can achieve excellent and dramatic results; often it is used in conjunction with other surgical procedures to give the best outcome – for example; blepharoplasty, PRP or neck lift are most popular with Mr Golchin’s laser patients.

Recent technological advances have enabled the use of the powerful carbon-dioxide (CO2) lasers (which have a wavelength of 10,600 nanometres) to deliver char-free ablation (i.e. free of scarring and pigmentation) by moving the high powered focused beam rapidly by a microprocessor controlled opticomechanical device, and hence enabling a short exposure time at each position.

Before any treatment at all and 6 weeks post treatment. Skin regeneration using CO2 Laser and Volume Loss treated with Dermal Fillers and Anti- Wrinkle Injections

The laser treatment delivers a very precise pulse of energy to remove the outer skin wrinkle layer and to permit a regrowth of healthy skin with better alignment of collagen fibres. The cosmetic Laser skin treatment can be applied to specific regions, such as under the eyes or the upper lip, or to the entire face. The new generation carbon dioxide cosmetic skin lasers are the most effective and the most reliable.

In the three to six months following the operation, the remodelling of collagen (structural protein of skin) will continue, and hence the process of skin rejuvenation is on going post op. Recovery time has been noted as nearly twice as fast for Mr Golchins patients who have had CO2 laser with stem cell transfer.