Safety of PIP Breast Implants

Cowboy Cosmetic Surgery Clinics.

Review of the Industry

Mr Kambiz Golchin says that regulations are not quite up to speed with things and argues that they need to toughen up.

He agrees that Cowboy cosmetic surgery clinics are to be banned from treating patients unless their staff have proper qualifications. The Department of Health today announced a review of the industry to protect women from botched breast enlargements and Wrinkle injections administered by staff who have had just a few hours of training.

It is not on Mr. Golchin agrees ‘To become skilled you need to be doing Fillers/Wrinkle Injections for at least 1 year but it is not just how long, it is the number of cases you do and the nature of cases you do’ I have been doing this for 10 years +

Concerns: The review was ordered into the cosmetic surgery industry after the recent issue with silicone gel breast implants manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP)(pictured).

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley commissioned the review following fears over the safety of PIP breast implants. Senior sources say the Government is set to ban aggressive advertising of ‘two for one’ deals on cosmetic surgery – for instance a breast enlargement with a free tummy tuck – and clinics that encourage women to go under the knife purely for vanity reasons.

The review is expected to recommend the creation of a compulsory register of implants so women’s health can be more readily monitored. Cosmetic surgeons will be forced to give patients more information about their treatments, for example warning women that breast implants are likely to need replacing every ten years. Mr Golchin explains’ that this should be standard practice anyway and is repulsed by the two for one deal…You are offering medical services not a shopping spree!