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Treatment of Pigmentation Using IPL

Many people in their mid-thirties and older now suffer from sun-damaged skin which can present itself in many forms: wrinkles and fine lines are often accompanied by dry and rough skin, mottled skin tone and areas of abnormal pigmentation.

Lentigines (sun or age spots) and ephelides (freckles) are common, superficial pigmented lesions, and although benign, may become a cause for concern for you.

The IPL system operate on the principle of selective photothermolyosis in which target chromophores are selectively damaged with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Pre treatment

You will be requested for your permission to have a photograph taken of the appropriate area so as to monitor the progress of the treatments. A consent form will be provided for you to sign and any questions will be answered. Any signs of scarring or underlying skin disorders such as eczema are identified. If there are any broken areas or pustules, the treatment will be delayed until the area is completely healed.

A patch test will be carried out on the first consultation and treatment may proceed the next week if there is no adverse reaction.

NB. Only superficial pigmented lesions and areas of sun-induced irregular pigmentation can be treated. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor. Please note that lesions will darken in the first week before fading.

A course of treatments is always necessary due to the nature of skin due to its protective role.

After Care

A soothing after treatment balm is applied to the treated area to help protect the skin following treatment with. A high SPF sun factor is vital to protect the treated area from sun exposure and must be continued for one month post treatment. Tanning after treatment sessions may enhance melanin regeneration, which may result in hyper-pigmentation.

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