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Mini Lift – Face Lift


Mini facelift, such as the S-lift, tightens loose facial skin and improves the jowl. The incision is shorter than the one used for a full facelift. It is placed in front of the ears and under the temple hairline. The skin in front of the ears is lifted to enable deep sutures to reposition the sagging tissues. Use of deeper sutures is important to provide a long-term result. It can be combined with liposuction to further reduce the jowl and improve the neckline.

Mini Neck Lift

Mini neck lift provides tightening of the neckline by pulling the weak muscles back. The access incision is placed behind the ear-enabling placement of deeper sutures to provide a longer-term result. Sagging of neck tissues directly under the chin is treated by liposuction and possibly a tuck procedure that directly tightens the muscles in that region.

Midface Lift

Cheek tissues sag with age, producing a heavy look with deep folds. Small incisions made in the temple are used to lift the sagging tissues back towards the cheek. This provides stronger cheeks and a fresher more youthful appearance.

Endoscopic Browlift

Small incisions in the hairline are used to raise the eyebrows. Raising droopy eyebrows provides a refreshing and more awake look. The lift is directed slightly outwards to avoid a look of surprise. This procedure may be combined with eyelid surgery to remove excess heavy upper eyelid tissues.


Liposuction under the neck is done in all age groups. Some younger people have genetic predisposition to excess fat. Once the fat is removed the existing fat cannot multiply and return.

Chin Implant Surgery

Chin implant surgery is an ideal way to increase the structure and strength of the face without excess time from work. This provides increased definition, and is often combined with procedures mentioned above.

Mini lifts and various types of small incision surgery are Real Surgery. They are part of a range of options. Small incision surgery provides a faster recovery, less time from work and reduced risks. However they are not suited for every patient and in many people more extensive procedures are indicated.

It is important to make sure your surgeon can perform all necessary types of operations so you have a full choice and are not limited.
Risks still exist with all operations, as healing varies from individual to individual. Discuss your goals carefully with Mr Golchin.

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