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Lip Enhancement Fillers

Extra fullness may be achieved with lip augmentation by injecting dermal fillers into the lips within the same surgical session.

The lip enhancement lift gives a more aesthetically pleasing mouth with a youthful appearance. This is an extremely popular procedure as the satisfaction rate is very high.

If you have a long, thin upper lip, you might want to consider a lip enhancement with a lip augmentation for an overall rejuvenation of your mouth. The upper lip lift is a procedure that raises the position of the upper lip in relation to the teeth, giving a bigger smile. The amount of pink (Vermillion) seen is also increased giving the patient wider lips.

Cosmetic Lip Enhancement

As we age all the bones of the body (including the face) retract and diminish making the flesh on the face hang more. The soft tissue and fat of the face undergo this degeneration so the skin itself also collapses. The aged face has a thin or non-existent vermilion (the pink part) and a smile that no longer show the teeth.
The youthful lip is full and slightly pouting.

The pink part of the lip can be 1/3 to 1/2 the volume of the area from the lip to the base of the nose. Some of us are born with naturally long, thin upper lips so this procedure is designed to shorten the upper lip allowing people even in their twenties to benefit.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

The accessibility of beauty treatments to the public has increased which include lip fillers and nowadays having plump lips is not just celebrities. Like a lot of areas on our face where people tend to look most of the time, some people have bigger lips than others and having confidence in your appearance is important to us, so, therefore, we believe you should consider the benefits of lip fillers. Here are the benefits they can bring:

You will instantly have plumper lips

Undergoing lip fillers treatment your lips can become plump almost instantly and have rapid results. It can take a few minutes to take effect, but the results are quick.

Longer Lasting effects

Most lip filler treatments can last up to 6 to 18 months. It really depends on the client, the effects, and the volume that is used for the procedure.

It is a natural enhancement

We believe lip fillers will help enhance your natural beauty. We want all clients to look gorgeous and feel great in their own natural body. Your plumper lips will offer immediate satisfaction and long-term results.

The swelling will be minimal

We use only the latest and modern solutions for lip fillers which will offer you a lasting and safer alternative to collagen or fat infills. The hyaluronic acid that is injected in the lips it occurs naturally in the body. It is allergy-free. This will result in very little bruising and swelling to the lips once treated

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