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Laser Hair Removal and reduction using Diode/Lumenis 1

The pulsed light laser system is designed to target and destroy hair. The laser energy is absorbed into the hair which creates heat, damaging the hair follicle.


The damaged hair will shed in about 2 weeks. Hair growths in cycles and 30% or less may be actively growing at any one time, which is why we recommend a series or treatments.

Patients may need one to two maintenance sessions per year after initial treatment. The laser hair removal treatments may cause some redness and minor swelling that may persist for one to two days.

The Procedure may involve shaving the hair in the area to be treated. A topical anaesthetic may be applied to reduce discomfort associated with the treatment. Photographs of the treatment area are recommended for our chart and future comparison.


Possible benefits of this treatment are delayed regrowth of the hair, lightening of the hair, decreased density of the hair and long-term or permanent reduction in the number of hairs growing in the treatment areas. Multiple treatments are required to achieve hair reduction. Short term redness and some (oedema) swelling may be expected.


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