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Mr Kambiz Golchin interview with Image Magazine


So in this new age, where symmetry and skin tone regin supreme, we interviewed the Doctors, Surgeons and medical staff behind Irelands Leading clinics to see what non-invasive treatments are most in demand- and what we’ll all be signing up for once those prize bones make good…

Mr Kambiz Golchin Consultant Facial Plastic surgeon echoes the zeitgeist with respect to facelifts: Now patients are consumed with getting the most radiant and plump skin possible, and want contours to look taut but not unnaturally lifted or pulled.

They want to look good for their age, not 20 years younger. With a combination of non-invasive treatments and lasers, we can now achieve results similar to what once required permanent surgery, with lots of down time. It’s amazing the developments that have been made in this area.

These developments are also reflective of many global studies conducted by beauty companies such as ‘ Johnson & Johnson’ which aimed to identify how we decide on levels of attractiveness and what criteria we use to guesstimate a stranger’s age. The findings showed that lines, wrinkle and sagginess were more significant determining factor, but rather facial symmetry the most important influencer on attractiveness ratings, and evenness of skin tones the biggest variable on deducing age.