Beauty is Skin Deep


Mr Kambiz Golchin of the prestigious Beacon Face & Dermatology Clinic rates Total FX, the gold standard of laser skin resurfacing

We do know when we see pictures of models and actresses in the magazines that computer trickery has ironed out the lines and wrinkles, eradicated all blemishes and pigmentation and bestowed a zing to their skin, but it’s hard not to feel envious. Now with Total FX, it is possible to get photoshopped in real life.

Mr Kambiz Golchin of the Beacon Face & Dermatology Clinic has been offering laser skin resurfacing with the Total FX from Lumenis for last four years: “There is no doubt that laser skin resurfacing is getting more and more popular because it can address a number of problems all at the same time. You can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, improve tone and texture, remove skin pigmentation and sun damage, all in one treatment.

“The beauty of it is that results continue to get better as time goes on and you can’t say that about all procedures. From the day I do my facelift, time and gravity start working. But with laser we know you get the huge boost in collagen production so the results continues to improve over first six months.”